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- Please make sure the area needing coated is clearly marked.
- If the part is to completely coated also indicate on file.
- If there are areas the may not be coated, please indicate as well.

Type of Coating

Note: If you don’t know the coating You need please supply as much information as possible in order for us to best serve you. Please address the following in the "additional comments" area.
1. Color requirement(s): (limited color availability in most coatings)
2. Thickness (if this is a general application, we will evaluate and advise coating thickness)
3. Substrate to be coated (exact metal type) If exotic or non-standard please supply the thermal stability of the substrate (ie, what temperature (F) can the metal take without sustaining damage.)
4. If you are inquiring about a single order, please submit number of pieces to be coated, and lead-time desired.
5. if you are inquiring about ongoing batch work, please advise EAU, average batch size and lead-time needed per batch.


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