ROTATIONAL MOLDING: Several types of coating are available which offer varying degrees of release and gloss. This gives the molder individual mold options to improve production due to ease of demolding, part repeatability, and easy mold clean up.

STONEKOTE® SK 7000-R BRIGHT GREEN – excellent release that produces a glosy finished product.

STONEKOTE® 6000-BRIGHT GREEN- excellent release, produces glossy finished product.

STONEKOTE® 50 BLACK- excellent release, produces glossy finished product, high end-use temperature, great durability for parting-line clean-up.

STONEKOTE® SK 3000 BROWN – medium release that produces a matte to semigloss product.

STONEKOTE‭® ‭2000 DARK GREEN‬‬- slow release, produces high gloss finished product —CRITICAL: Internal mold temp must not exceed 395 degrees fahrenheit. Best application is thin-walled product that can be molded at cooler cycles.

STONEKOTE® SK 1000 GREEN – slow release that produces a matte finished product.


STONEKOTE® SK 50 GREEN – Exterior maintainance system. Good chemical and corrosion resistance, excellent release properties for ease of cleaning exterior of molds.

STONEKOTE® 85 GREEN – Exterior maintainance system. Mild chemical and corrosion resistance. Generally used as a non-stick for exterior cleaning of molds.

STONEKOTE® SK 40 GRAY – Heat deflection system. Generally used in problem areas. Fair to good release properties. Can be used in conjunction with other exterior maintenance systems.

STONEKOTE® SK 95 BLACK – Heat induction system. Generally used in hard to heat areas. Fair to good release. Can be used in conjunction with other exterior maintenance systems.

HEAT PLATES: We are very well versed in coating heat plates for the plastic forming, as well as the plastic welding community.

SK 50 green/black: This is the oldest and most used coating that we offer for heat plates. This coating offers excellent release with good abrasion resistance.

SK 72 black: This coating offers good release with excellent abrasion resistance

SK 7250 black : This coating offers excellent release as well as an extended wear life with good to excellent abrasion resistance.

*all three versions are offered in thicker versions called “plus” ask if these versions are a good fit for your application.

CHEMICAL HANDLING/PROCESSING:We have been helping company’s safely handle all of their chemicals for decades. We can help you choose what coating will work best for you whether it is for direct storage, transportation, or you may have a part/parts that will just occasionally be used in an environment that will see some chemicals.

SK 50 green

SK 7000-R bright green

SK Supershine green or black

SK 60 clear or black

These are the most common coatings we suggest for chemical applications, however let us know what chemicals, temperature and environment you are in and we will help get the right coating for you.

FASTENERS: We have several coating that work well for fasteners

SK 5100 black

SK 1000 black metallic

SK 1000 gray

SK 5000 black

These are the most common coating that we suggest. Others are available including color options for the right job!

FOAM APPLICATIONS: The E.L. Company was one of the first company’s in the country to find release coatings that work in foam applications and we continue to be an industry leader in this field.

SK 7000-R bright green

SK 50 green/black

RUBBER MOLDING: Although rubber can be the tricky and sticky we are confident that we can find a solution to help you .

SK 7000-R bright green

SK Supershine green/black

SK 50 Green plus S.S.